Meet our co-founders below.


In addition, Axil employs analysts with PhDs in life sciences and fluency in Japanese, English, and Mandarin Chinese.


Our advisors include world class experts in all areas required to launch successful biotechnology ventures, including relationships with global and local pharmaceutical companies, deep scientific and business experience, fund raising, and business development.


Our team leverages the resources of its advisors, partners, and LPs (including Mizuho, experienced investors from Taiwan, and a global phama) to create value for its portfolio companies.

Fred Shane

Managing Partner

Fred has over 16 years of experience in the VC, PE, and investment banking, where he has assumed key positions at Marubeni USA and Mizuho Securities.  Most recently, he served Mizuho as a director in the Investment Business Department, from where he successfully launched Axil Capital in August, 2017.  Fred holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from M.I.T.

Hiroshi Gonaikawa


Hiroshi is a seasoned financial professional with over 20 years of experience in venture investments. He started his career as a securities analyst at Nomura Research Institute, and subsequently led their efforts to successfully launching Nomura Research & Advisory Venture Fund I in 2000. He has since focused on commercialization of technologies under a number of projects, including those sponsored by University of Tokyo, Waseda University and NEDO.  Hiroshi holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Tohoku University.